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Know When to Replace Your Water Heater

January 13, 2021 Know-When-to-Replace-Your-Water-Heater

From a relaxing shower to the weekend laundry, you and your family regularly depend on a sufficient supply of hot water. Unfortunately, water heaters don’t last forever. Here are some things to watch for so you know when to replace your water heater.

What to Look For

Most water heaters should last between eight to 12 years. If your unit is around 10 years or older, you may want to have it inspected to ensure it’s in good working condition and providing enough heated water for your usage. But keep your eyes and ears open for other signs that your water heater is ready for retirement.

Function. One of the biggest indicators that your water heater is on its last legs is how often you’re noticing issues. Are you calling for repairs on a regular basis?

Something else to watch for is rusty or discolored water. This could mean your water tank is beginning to rust after years of operation. Try filling several large buckets or containers with water to determine if only the hot water is rusty. If that is the case, you likely need a new water heater.

Sediment. Over time, water heater sediment can build up and eventually harden. This can diminish water pressure and create potentially damaging hot spots in the bottom of the tank, which may lead to cracks or holes.

Sediment can cause your water heater to have to work harder and possibly wear out faster. You may also notice rumbling or banging sounds while the unit is running or see material come through your faucets.

Leaks. Again, sediment buildup can expedite the wear on your water tank, causing cracks, leaks, or even bursts. If you notice any water dripping from your unit or suspect you may have sediment buildup, make an appointment with a trusted professional.

What You Can Do

Be sure to keep up with general maintenance to help extend the life of your water heater. Have the unit flushed regularly – about once a year – to remove any sediment before it becomes an issue.

You probably don’t spend too much time thinking about your home’s hot water – until you find yourself without it. Knowing what to watch for can help you understand when to replace your water heater. If you’re often running into one or more of these issues, that time may be now. Contact the highly trained team at Hanson’s. We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement and can help you determine the best option for your home comfort needs.

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