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Dealing with Winter Plumbing Issues

February 24, 2021 Dealing-with-Winter-Plumbing-Issues

Your home’s plumbing provides countless conveniences that you sometimes don’t even think about – until there’s a problem. Colder months bring with them a new set of rules when it comes to home maintenance. On occasion, you may find yourself dealing with winter plumbing issues. But Hanson’s is here to help with these common problems.

Frozen Pipes

If outside temperatures plummet low enough, your water pipes inside can freeze, especially if they’re unprotected and uninsulated. Expecting frosty weather? Check for and seal off any cold drafts, and invest in pipe insulation, heating tape, or a warming cable to help keep the water flowing indoors no matter how cold it gets outdoors.

During a particularly cold snap, leave the water running at a trickle. This reduces pressure buildup and can also help prevent pipes from freezing and potentially bursting.


Water leaks can happen at any time of the year. But older lines and pipes tend to split or crack more easily when exposed to winter’s wrath. Oftentimes a frozen pipe can burst or break, allowing water to leak. Be sure to have your plumbing inspected by a qualified professional to help detect leaks before they turn disastrous and costly.

Inoperable Water Heater

Few things are more uncomfortable than taking an ice-cold shower, especially when it’s icy and cold outside. If you turn on the hot water only to find that it’s anything but, your water heater may be on its last legs.

Regular maintenance can help keep your heater operating efficiently and the hot water flowing freely. Schedule an appointment to have your water heater flushed at least once a year. Additionally, most water heaters last about eight to 12 years. Consider replacing a unit that’s older than 10 years, especially if it’s constantly failing.

Drain Clogs

With increased food preparation for family holiday celebrations or even because you’re eating more meals at home during the pandemic, your kitchen sink is likely working overtime. Keep an eye on the drain to be sure stray food particles don’t get washed down and cause a backup.

Even if you have a garbage disposal, you’ll want to be careful. Grease, pasta, coffee grounds, and other items can prevent the appliance from working properly.

Plumbing problems seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. If you find yourself dealing with winter plumbing issues, the qualified team at Hanson’s will come to the rescue. For more than 80 years, we have continued to provide professional and reliable service all year round. We even offer 24-hour emergency response for those situations that just can’t wait. Contact us for all your plumbing and heating needs, and we’ll have everything working smoothly in no time.

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