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Drain Cleaning 101: Resolving Clogged Drains

November 12, 2021 Drain-Cleaning-101-Resolving-Clogged-Drains

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing issues (also, one of the most frustrating). Thankfully, a clogged drain can be resolved quickly if you take the necessary actions immediately. Continue reading our blog and see how you can resolve all current and future clogged drains.

What You Need to Know About Liquid Drain Cleaner

A clogged drain can really slow your routine down. At first glance, you may consider heading to the store for drain cleaner. While this may be the hands-off way to clean out your drain, it can cause major issues. We don’t recommend the usual cleaners like Liquid-Plumbr ®. In fact, the unintended consequences are more harmful than good. Some liquid drain cleaners create adverse chemical reactions that can solidify or rupture your pipes. If you do decide to purchase any type of drain cleaner, consider purchasing it from one of our plumbers. Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating sells and uses a safer product called Thrift® that we would be happy to tell you more about.

Unclogging Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sink clogs are a nightmare. Not only will it cause the piling of dirty dishes, but it will start to make your kitchen smell. When you go to tackle this type of clog, first, soften the blockage with warm water and dish soap. Then, pour a pot of boiling hot water into the sink. If the clog doesn’t seem to soften, you can try this again, but first pour in equal parts of baking soda and vinegar. Wait 5-10 minutes and then pour in more boiling water. For stubborn clogs, follow with a plunger to help dislodge the clog.

Unclogging Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs, and Toilets

The number one cause of bathroom sink and tub clogs is hair. Unfortunately, it’s the perfect material to clog a drain as it clumps together when wet. When unclogging a sink or tub, start by plugging the drain and filling it up with hot water. Next, unplug the drain stopper and let the pressure from the emptying water work its magic. Lastly, use a snake to remove hair caught in the drain.

If you are unclogging a toilet, stick to using a plunger and be sure it’s the appropriate type. A toilet plunger has a flange that should be pulled out before using it.

If you still struggle with clogs after these advised approaches, contact Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating to have your drains cleaned by a professional. We offer 24/7 emergency service for emergencies like these. Contact Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating for your drain cleaning needs.

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