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Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

December 27, 2021 Prepare-Your-Plumbing-for-Winter

The same thing happens around this time each year. The days get shorter, and the temperature gets colder – a lot colder. Once we’ve mentally readied ourselves for wintertime, we need to make sure other things are set, too. That includes your home. Your friends at Hanson’s have put together a short list of ways to prepare your plumbing for winter. Protect your pipes and keep them from freezing with these homeowner tips.

Insulate Water Pipes

Help safeguard exposed pipes outside the home, in the basement and crawl space, or along exterior walls with pipe insulation. When wrapped around the pipes, this foamy material adds a protective layer that helps keep frigid temps from freezing the water in your pipes. Be sure to cover any gaps, as even a small portion of exposed pipe can freeze and lead to bigger issues altogether.

Allow Heat Flow

Open up cabinet and cupboard doors to the pipes underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks – or elsewhere that piping is hidden. This is especially true for areas adjacent to exterior walls. The open doors will allow warm air to reach those pipes and help keep them from freezing.

Leave a Slow Trickle

During spells of extreme cold, with which we’re all too familiar in Minnesota, it’s good to leave a slow trickle run overnight. If possible, use a faucet with pipes that run along an exterior wall. Keeping the water flowing will help reduce the chances of the pipes freezing. If it’s so cold that the water does freeze, the open faucet will help alleviate pressure and protect the pipe from bursting.

Maintain Consistent Heat

Change your thermostat settings so that the temperature in the house stays the same throughout the day and night. The consistent temp will help lower the chances for pipes to freeze. This idea will also help reduce wear and tear on your home’s furnace when outside temps are harshly frigid.

Lock the Cold Air Outside

If you notice any spots where cold air is seeping in from outside, seal them up before winter hits. This will help protect your plumbing and the rest of your home. Be on the lookout for gaps around the dryer vent, pipes, or any electrical wiring coming in from outdoors. Fill in those crevices with insulation or caulking to seal out the cold and keep your pipes – and your family – toasty warm.

Call on Hanson’s

These are just a handful of simple ideas to help prepare your plumbing for winter and the cold air that it brings. If Old Man Winter becomes too harsh and you notice your pipes freezing – or worse, cracking – from the cold, call on the reliable professionals at Hanson’s Plumbing and Heating. We even offer 24-hour emergency service to our coverage area to ensure your plumbing isn’t left in the cold this season.

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