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Signs you need to replace your old plumbing

March 20, 2023

When issues with your plumbing arise in your home, it is never a pleasant or convenient time. Whether there are leaky pipes, clogged drains, or low water pressure, all of these problems can lead to serious concerns for homeowners. Just like everything in life, your plumbing will age and need to be replaced over time. Especially, if it’s not properly maintained. It is important that you spot the signs of your plumbing becoming inefficient as this could save you from having to make costly repairs. Continue reading our blog to learn the signs that you need to replace your old plumbing.

Low Water Pressure

A decrease in your water pressure is an early sign that there are issues with your plumbing. If on municipal water, check if the main shutoff valve is off or partially closed. If you are receiving your water from a well, the first thing to check would be the pump and pressure tank. Another indication of low pressure is a leaky pipe. Corrosion or mineral build-up in your pipes can also lead to insufficient water pressure.

Water Leaks

Wet spots on the floor, walls, and ceiling stains, are all signs that there is a leak somewhere in your home. When there are leaks are happening in various locations and continues to happen, that is a sign that your pipes are corroding. Water leaks can be repaired, but corrosion in your pipes will persist until they are replaced. It is critical that you get your pipes repaired or replaced at the first sign of leaks.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains may seem like a small problem, but it will indicate that there is a bigger issue with your plumbing. Slow moving or clogged drains may indicate that the venting in the pipes is poor. Another issue that is unseen to the naked eye with clogged drains, is plant and tree roots. Your underground drainage system can sometimes have roots puncture a drainpipe and cause a blockage.

Water Discoloration

The most obvious sign that there’s an issue with your plumbing is when the water coming out of your pipes is anything but clear. If your water is orange, yellow, or red, that’s an indication that there is rust in your water. The most common cause of this, is due to iron being in your well which is treatable with a water softener for low levels and iron filter for higher levels. 

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