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Benefits of a Water Softener System

April 29, 2022 Benefits-of-a-Water-Softener-System

Comfort is, understandably, a major priority of homeowners. And home comfort can mean everything from a cozy sofa to an amenable temperature to healthier indoor air. It can also mean safer and more refreshing water, and a water softener from Hanson’s can help with that. If you’re wondering about the benefits of a water softener system, we’ll help with that, too. Keep reading to learn more.

Get Great-Tasting Water

To most people, water simply tastes like water. Others have a preference of hard water over soft water or vice versa. A water softener helps remove mineral ions and with them that metallic-like taste from your drinking water. You can also go one step further with a filtration system, which will effectively filter out contaminants or heavy metals.

Brighter, Fresher Laundry

Hard water contains minerals that leave deposits and, over time, mute the once-vibrant colors of your clothing and towels. Mineral deposits might also cause your whites to look dull, with a tinge of gray or yellow. Soft water works into clothing better that hard water, rendering the cleaning process more effective. In addition, softened water mixes better with detergents, allowing for cleaner-looking and more dynamic laundry while using less detergent.

Softer Hair and Skin

As it does with laundry detergents, soft water mixes better with bar soaps and foaming body washes in the shower or tub. This makes for a richer lather, which helps you feel cleaner. Soft water also helps alleviate dry, itchy skin because it allows your skin to retain moisture from its natural oils.

Washing your hair is easier with soft water, too. Again, you’ll get more of a lather with your shampoo while enjoying a more balanced pH level, which helps maintain moisture and strength. Hard water can dry out your hair, making it feel brittle and look dull and frizzy.

Saves on Resources and Repairs

The mineral ions found in hard water can collect in pipes, leaving less space for water to flow and increased need for pressure. Build-up can also damage appliances and increased the need for repair or replacement. Having a water softener installed helps curb some of these issues and saves on resources and fixes.

Water. Because soft water works better with cleaning products, you’ll find yourself using less water for chores around the house.

Appliances. A water softener helps prevent scale build-up and extends the life of home appliances like water heaters, coffee machines, and dishwashers.

Detergents and cleaners. Soaps and detergents dissolve better in soft water, meaning you use less of them for the desired result.

Gas and electricity. Scale build-up inside water pipes requires more pressure to pass water through, which uses more energy and costs more money in the long run. Narrower pipes also mean less heat transfer, which puts additional strain on your water heater (and the energy to produce hot water).

Call for Your Water Softener Install

These are only some of the benefits of a water softener. If you’d like to take advantage of these and other perks for your home comfort, the professional team at Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating is here for you. Contact us with additional water softener and filtration system questions or to schedule an installation.

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