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12 Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

April 28, 2021 12-Tips-for-an-Energy-Efficient Home

Many homeowners often look for ways to use less and save more. That list can be extensive – and sometimes expensive – but making small, simple changes today can help cut costs tomorrow. Your trusted friends at Hanson’s compiled 12 tips for an energy efficient home to help you get started. 1. Bulbs. Change the […]

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Tips for Reducing Energy Consumption

November 10, 2020 Tips-for-Reducing-Energy-Consumption

Adjustments to daily or weekly routines can help lessen your home’s energy usage and in the long run save you money. We’ve put together some low-cost and simple suggestions to help you get started on reducing energy consumption within your home. Lighting Replacing your light bulbs is one of the most obvious energy saving modifications, […]

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