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12 Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

April 28, 2021 12-Tips-for-an-Energy-Efficient Home

Many homeowners often look for ways to use less and save more. That list can be extensive – and sometimes expensive – but making small, simple changes today can help cut costs tomorrow. Your trusted friends at Hanson’s compiled 12 tips for an energy efficient home to help you get started.

1. Bulbs. Change the lightbulbs throughout your home, swapping out all incandescent bulbs for LEDs. LED bulbs give off 75 percent less heat and use 80 percent less energy than incandescents. Better yet, LED bulbs are 95 percent recyclable.

2. Windows. Does your home have single-pane windows? Consider adding better protection from the outside with more efficient windows.

3. Filters. Protect your indoor air and heating and cooling systems by checking and replacing the air filters as needed. Dirty filters cause your HVAC to run longer and work harder, using more energy and leading to potentially costly repairs and breakdowns.

4. Laundry. If possible, wash laundry in cold water. Not using the water heater saves energy. Washing with cold water also helps preserve the look, shape, and fit of your clothing.

5. Thermostats. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. These devices adjust settings to your schedule, keeping your HVAC system and your home comfort in check.

6. Drapes. Close drapes and blinds to keep your home cooler during warmer months. This also cuts down on the workload for your AC unit. During colder months, open the blinds and let the sun’s warmth help heat your home.

7. Ceiling Fan. These overhead ventilators don’t actually cool the air but rather they move it around. In the summer, set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise. This will push airflow downward and create a windchill effect, making you feel cooler. In the winter, reverse the fan’s direction to create an updraft that then circulates warmer air downward.

8. Lights. Lighting makes up about 12 percent of the average residential utility bill. Turn off lights when you leave a room or if you can instead, use natural light.

9. Insulation. Proper insulation helps increase home comfort while lowering heating and cooling costs.

10. Oven. As tempting as it might seem to sneak a peek at whatever you’re baking, don’t do it. Opening the oven door can drop the temperature 25 degrees. The oven then needs to work harder and use more energy to get itself back up to temperature.

11. Electronics. Keep electronics such as a computer or printer turned off until you need them. Also, disconnect mobile devices once they’re charged rather than leaving them plugged in overnight.

12. Fridge. A full fridge and freezer operate more efficiently, so keep your appliances filled. Use water bottles as placeholders if needed but be sure to keep interior airflow vents clear.

These are just some ideas of simple changes you can make now to enjoy a more energy efficient home. The plumbing and heating professionals at Hanson’s provide reliable service and expertise for all your home comfort needs. From regularly scheduled maintenance to installation and repair, we’re ready to quickly and safely handle any project, no matter what. Contact us today to learn more.

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