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Ideas to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

May 27, 2021 Ideas-to-Get-Your-AC-Ready-for-Summer

After Minnesota’s snowy, cold winter and wet, chilly spring, the idea of a hot, sticky summer seems farfetched. But it’s only a matter of time before those temps rise and the humidity kicks in. These ideas to get your AC ready for summer will help ensure your home’s cooling system is set to go when the heat is on.

Focus on Filters

One of the simplest and most important things a homeowner can do for AC maintenance is to check and change the filter.

As the air circulates, the filter collects dust, dirt, and debris. A dirty or clogged filter decreases airflow and increases the demand on your cooling system. Over time, this can cause excess wear and shorten the life of the unit.

Changing the air filter every three months (or more often, if you have allergy sufferers in the home) can help keep the air cleaner and keep your system running more efficiently.

Clean and Clear

The unit’s condenser coils collect dirt, pollen, and other bits of residue as the unit pulls and cycles air. This debris, too, can restrict airflow and cooling capabilities. Keep the condenser clean by washing it down with a garden hose. Simply rinse off each side, working from top to bottom.

Additionally, while you may want to keep a hefty or unattractive unit from sight, doing so could hinder its ability to function properly. Keep nearby trees and shrubs trimmed back and be sure landscaping or other barriers are at least three feet from any side of your air conditioner. Adequate space allows the unit to pull in the air it needs to run at optimal performance.

Climate Control

Maintaining a consistent in-home climate can save on energy bills and keep your unit running efficiently. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature and humidity on any day at any time. These devices are easy to use and can be scheduled around your family’s routine, so your home will always be comfortably cool.

Additionally, keep objects such as furniture or draperies from blocking or covering up air vents. And make sure the vents are open. Closing certain registers to try to circulate colder air to other parts of the home can do more harm than good. The unit may shut off completely. If you need to balance air disbursal, try closing some vents slightly but not entirely.

Another way to keep inside temperature under control is to keep curtains and blinds closed on sunny days. Sunshine coming through the windows can heat up your home, causing your AC unit to work harder, faster, and longer.

Schedule an Inspection

As a homeowner, you can perform general maintenance to help keep your AC unit in its best working order. But before summer arrives with its scorching temps, it’s a good idea to have your air conditioner professionally inspected.

A trained technician, like the experts at Hanson’s, will check over everything, including the control box, wiring and connections, refrigerant level, coils, and fan motor and blades. Our service professionals can make sure things are working and look for signs of damage. They will address any issues or potential setbacks and, if needed, offer solutions or recommendations for repair or replacement.

Our team at Hanson’s wants you to be comfortable all year round. With heat and humidity on the way, now is the time to check off some of these tasks to get your AC ready for summer. And be sure to schedule your inspection to ensure you and your family will stay cool in the months to come. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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