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Four Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

October 19, 2022

Having a functioning garbage disposal unit under your sink is essential and makes cleaning up around your kitchen easier. You can throw away your leftover food scraps down the drain and flip a switch. Then all of it gets chopped down to smaller pieces, and down the drain it goes. They may sometimes need maintenance and repairs, but in the end, they are extremely beneficial to you. Continue reading our blog for 4 benefits of having a garbage disposal in your kitchen.

Time saver and convenient

One of the benefits of using a garbage disposal is that it’s a faster and more convenient way to dispose of your food and waste, compared to having to dump it into the trash. When washing your dishes, you can scrub and scrape the leftover food on your plates down the drain, and the garbage disposal will break it up and send down the drain. You now have more time to relax after your meal and not stress over taking out your garbage.

Makes cleaning easier

When cooking, you probably have a lot of peels, leftover scraps, and smaller pieces of food all throughout your kitchen. With a garbage disposal, you can scrape the smaller pieces down the drain and avoid making a mess by taking it to the garbage. Your garbage disposal unit will also eliminate any horrific and nasty smells that comes from leftover food being in your garbage. Foods will typically rot and get moldy from sitting in the trash over time, causing your whole kitchen to smell.

Protects your drains

An important benefit to having a garbage disposal unit is that it protects your pipes and plumbing. The pipes in your home play a central role in keeping water flowing smoothly. If you do not have a garbage disposal unit in your kitchen, then your plumbing can potentially become clogged. Food scraps can block the drains in your kitchen and potentially ruin the plumbing. Clogged pipes can lead to costly repairs and replacements, and that is probably the last thing you want to deal with as a homeowner.

Last a long time

Garbage disposal units can typically last a long time when properly used. This is beneficial for you because this is not something that you have to buy every year or every few months. If it is properly maintained and used, you should be able to use your unit for many years. To ensure that your unit lasts a while, here are some things to avoid putting down a garbage disposal:

  • Grease
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Coffee beans and grounds
  • Large bones

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