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Benefits of an Air Purifier

July 02, 2019 Home Air Purifier

Some of the most polluted air is indoors, where any number of contaminants are trapped with no ventilation. If you live in an area with unsavory tap water, you probably use a filter. So why wouldn’t you cleanse the seven to eight liters of air you inhale every minute in your home? Read on to discover the benefits of an air purifier.


According to the EPA, most people spend up to 90 percent of their life indoors. Children, seniors, and the chronically ill are the most susceptible to health issues caused by poor indoor air quality. But contaminated air can affect anyone. As we breathe, our bodies inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, which is a natural process. But in a confined space, carbon dioxide can build up and cause shortness of breath, headaches, nausea, and even death.

If you live in an urban area, ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and diesel exhaust can enter your home and reduce air quality. Dust mites, bacteria, viruses, dangerous gases, chemicals, and smoke from cooking may be circulating throughout your house on a daily basis. All of these invisible culprits pose a serious threat to your family’s well-being. In addition, your indoor air could contain:

  • Secondhand smoke, which can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, ear infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis.
  • Asbestos particles, heat- and chemical-resistant fibers that put you at risk for mesothelioma.
  • Radon, a radioactive gas formed during the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water, which can cause lung cancer.

Schedule air quality testing with a qualified technician to check the levels of harmful pollutants in your home.


Dust, dander, and pollen can trigger asthma and allergies if inhaled or generally irritate eyes, ears, and throat. Standard HVAC filters may not be enough to capture the tiny particles and prevent symptoms. An air purifier can remove allergens to minimize symptoms all year long.

Air purifiers come with a variety of features and can be installed in your existing ducted heating and cooling system, tucked away and out of sight. Healthy indoor air quality can heighten moods, reduce stress, and improve productivity. Air purifiers also stop sickness from spreading by neutralizing airborne germs and get rid of pet odors or other unpleasant smells.

Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating offers Bryant air purifiers that capture up to 95 percent of particles down to .5 microns. A human red blood cell is about five microns across, so you can imagine how tiny even one micron is. In the world of bacteria, Hanson’s air purifiers are the last stop. We also offer air conditioners and dehumidifiers so you can keep the hot temperatures and humidity at bay, too. Contact us to learn more.

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