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5 Common A/C Questions Answered

August 31, 2020 5-Common-A/C-Questions-Answered

During the summer months, family, friends, and customers often ask us about cooling systems and how to maintain them. Perhaps you have even wondered a few things yourself. Keep reading to find out some of our most common A/C questions as well as practical answers to help you keep your cool during the summer heat.

Q: Do I need my A/C inspected before use?

Before turning on your air conditioner for the hot season, you should have it looked at by a trained technician, like the professionals at Hanson’s. Regular inspections help keep your unit in working order and uncover small issues before they become big, expensive problems.

Q: What size air conditioner is best for my home?

Determining which size unit you need depends on the size of the area to be cooled. An HVAC specialist can calculate necessary cooling loads to find the right capacity for you. A unit that is too large will run irregular cycles and not remove humidity in the air. You also will likely see higher energy bills, so be sure to invest in the correct air conditioner for the size of your home.

Q: How can I tell if there’s a problem with my A/C unit?

Is your air conditioner making strange or loud noises? Is the air in your home not cooling (or not cooling enough)? Is your energy bill considerably higher than normal while the use of your air conditioner remains the same? Does it take longer than usual to cool down your home?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you probably need to have a technician service your air conditioner and assess any problems.

Q: How often should I change the filter?

Change your air filter on a regular basis for optimal indoor air quality and to keep your A/C well maintained. Frequency of change can vary, depending on factors including the number of pets in the home, how often you run your unit, and if any of the home’s occupants have allergies. Keep an eye on your filter and change it when necessary.

Q: How long do air conditioners last?

An air conditioning unit can last 10-15 years, but that depends on how well the unit is maintained. Regular service can help ensure a long lifespan, but some telltale signs may indicate it’s time to invest in a new one:

  • The unit is older than 10 years.
  • You hear troublesome noises, like grinding or loud squeaking.
  • The cost for habitual repairs is quickly adding up.

When it comes to cooling your home, the professionals at Hanson’s Plumbing & Heating are here to satisfy your comfort and peace of mind. Contact us with additional questions or to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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